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Cotswolds, England 06.2012 by Andrea Mazzotta on Flickr.


Parents of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis Share Their Loss at the United Nations

Sitting in meetings in the United Nation’s ornate Wilson Palace by the shores of Lake Geneva in the shadow of the Alps seems an odd place to discuss racial discrimination in the United States.
But the problems of racial discrimination quickly hit home at an event earlier this week that hosted the parents of Travon Martin and Jordan Davis, two unarmed young black men killed by armed white men claiming to be acting in self-defense. Made all the more powerful as it came on the heels of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., their affecting and often harrowing testimony immediately erased the distance between Switzerland and the United States. It made the discrimination present and underscored the importance of the work being done here at the U.N.’s review of the U.S. record of racial discrimination.

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YASSS!!! The world needs call the US out on its shit!!!
Unarmed black men killed by police SINCE Mike Brown



  • Dante Parker
  • Ezell Ford

Both of these incidents come out of California:

please please please dont forget these men’s names and brutal murders when talking about recent police brutality and racism

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If you kill a person, you’re a murderer. If you steal, no one would hesitate to call you a thief. But in America, when you force yourself on someone sexually, some people will jump through flaming hoops not to call you a rapist.

As reported by Al Jazeera America, colleges across the country are replacing the word “rape” in their sexual assault policies with “non-consensual sex” because schools don’t want label students “rapists”.


This whole article is worth reading.

When you call a rape anything but rape, you are just making excuses for rapists | Jessica Valenti | Comment is free |

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